onsdag 29 april 2015

Exam; Inventions 21st of May (9b Hanna's students) and 22nd of May (9a)

Texts (in Happy)
Are they that old? p 61
Poor inventors, p 67
Table tennis…p 72
I am death, p 83
The Time Machine p 88

Words to each text
Are they that old?
wire, oblong, hold-held-held, improvement, weigh, encourage, refuse, draw-drew-drawn, vacuum cleaner, replace, shave, disposable, trial, error, zipper, zippy, rubber

Poor inventors
 public, despite, commercial, practical, patient, application, take to court (took, taken), consist of, claim, neck, convince, miserable, breath/breathe, demand

Table tennis…
invader, ridiculous, customize, incredibly, line up, fortune, prevent, back and forth, attempt, defeat, appeal to, maze, predictable, random, receive, achieve

I am death
 scientist, involve, amazed, research, take notice, gadget, beyond, avoid, assemble, rumor, the grapevine, vaporized, remain, quotation, monastery, cause, radiation

The Time Machine p 88
six inches square, dial, switch, button, grin, wood, whip, dawn, swing/swung/swung, solemnly

Make sure that you have completed all the exercises so each chapter.

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