tisdag 17 mars 2015

Forrest Gump film analysis ( 9B Lars group )

Link to Forrest Gump Taxonomy

Week 11 Introduction of the work. Watch first part of the movie. When watching the movie, you should focus on the following questions.

1. What does it mean to have a national identity? 
2. What prominent American persons do you see in the film? Politicians, musicians and others. 
3. What important political events take place? 
4. How do these events affect us today? 
5. What is the American idea of a self made man? 
6. What does social inheritance mean to you?

Homework: Write a summary of the first part of the movie (around 100 words). Put it on your blog.

Week 12 Discuss in groups the first part using the questions above. Watch second part of the movie. 

Watch third part of the movie.

Homework: Write an eyewitness report of an event that took place in the movie (around 100 words). Put it on your blog.

Week 13 Tell your group about the eyewitness report you have written. 
Start working with the movie using Bloom's taxonomy 1-6, see link above.

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