fredag 20 mars 2015

Engelska 9a: Homework for Friday week 13

Write a new post on your "Fakebooks":

A day in my life 
Write a post about how a normal day might look in your life. Include things like work/studying and other activities you may come up with. To write this post you will need four pictures to help describe these different topics in your post. 
 A photo showing what shoes are appropriate at your work. Why these shoes? 
 A photo of the entrance to your workplace/school? What impression does the picture give? 
 A photo showing the balcony or the backyard of your home. How does the scenery make you feel? 
 A photo-riddle. Show something really abstract, perhaps a part of something or something zoomed in. When you are done, group up with a partner to describe each others photos. Finally, guess what they are! 

Extra task 

Record a conversation/phone call between you and your employer, interviewer or school associate. Talk about what you are currently up to or what plans are coming up. Perhaps you're jetting off to Japan for a business meeting or planning a fundraiser in the Hamptons? 


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