onsdag 25 februari 2015

9a English Week 9-13 FAKEBOOK

Week 9 (Homework for Wednesday week 10)

1 Getting started and the first topic "Me and my family"

Make your own Fakebook page by creating a blog at www.blogger.com. You all have Google accounts and that is all it takes to start blogging. Follow the instructions and in no time your Fakebook site is ready.

When you have created your Fakebook, e-mail me you Fakebook address. I will link all your Fakebooks to Fakebook99.

Then you have to fill your site. The first topic is to present yourself and your family. Feel free to add amazing pictures and remember - most things you find on Fakebook are too good to be true.
Extra task: Make a comic strip about a childhood memory. See more info on how to do a comic strip on Fakebook99. 


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