tisdag 25 november 2014

English; realia and research

Detailed information:
Choose a topic to work with
Do research
Prepare a presentation (5-10 minutes, keynote)

Include the following pieces on your keynote:
- Pictures
- Your topic
- Some interesting facts about your country in general
- Facts and information about your topic
- A comparison - Compare your topic with Sweden or another English speaking county.
- Your conclusions - What conclusions can you draw? Try to analyze your research and summarize your presentation.
- Your sources

I will look at your ability to:
- present your work to the class
- use material and find information from different sources
- discuss different phenomena in the English speaking world and compare these to your own knowledge and experiences.

You will present your work in groups, on Thursday/Friday week 49 and Wednesday week 50. After each group of presentations I will give you some questions to answer individually.

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