onsdag 27 maj 2015

English 9ab week 22

This week, you will get time to work with a part of your presentation about your seat project. As you know, one part (the major part) should be in Swedish according to earlier instructions given by Lisa and Jan. A small part of your presentation should also be in English. You present your seat on Monday, 1st of June (9a) and Tuesday 2nd of June (9b).  Include the following information in your English presentation:
PROJECT SEAT; Dragon's den 

  • the design
  • the materials
  • the greatness of your product
  • the potential buyer
  • how and where it will be used
  • the demand and the needs out on the market 
  • how much money you are asking the investors (Hanna and Jan) to invest in your company
  • how many percent of the company that will be given to the investors in return
  • how you will use the money from the investors
At the end

  • ask if the dragons (Hanna and Jan) have any questions
  • be prepared to answer questions from the dragons about your product

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