söndag 9 mars 2014

Engelska planering

English year 8  plan weeks 10-20.

Let´s talk movies.

W. 10 Let´s talk movies, text and vocabularies p. 78.
     Grammar: adjectives p. 138. 

W. 11 My kind of movies, text and vocabularies p. 80 
    Grammar adjectives and extra adjectives exercises p. 138.

W. 12 Stunt girls, text and vocabularies p. 82.
    Grammar: Pronouns; personal and possessive. p. 109-110.

W. 13 Murder my dear, text and vocabularies p. 84.
     Grammar p. demonstrative pronouns p. 111.

W. 18 Bollywood text and vocabularies p.86.
    Grammar relative pronouns p. 112.

W. 15 Prao.

W. 16 Easter Holiday.

W. 17 Prao. 

W. 19 Tyrannosaurus Rex p 88.
     Grammar, extra exercises.

W. 20 Repetition for the test. Extra exercises.
          Repetition, Test.

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