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English; Homework for Wednesday week 3

-Read the text "Baby Ears", TB p 45-47.
- Learn the words below.
- Prepare your book circle task (discussion leader/summarizer/creative connector/character tracer).
On Wednesday week 3 we will start with group discussions where you present your thoughts about the text. Your book circle text should be published on the blog after your book circle meeting on Wednesday.

Words: pour, lick, nod, frown, figure, seashell, collection, wave, delicate, plate, imagine, sigh, melt, breeze, curl, shade one's eyes, go ahead, proudly, fear, front, porch

Planering engelska åk. 8 v. 2-7

Book circle

V. 2 Baby´s ears s. 45-47, glosor s. 147-148

V. 3 Hunger s. 32-34 , glosor s. 144-145

V. 4 Gift s. 48-52, glosor s. 148-149

V. 5 The lion the witch and the wardrobe s. 40-44, glosor s. 147

V. 6 The curious incident of the dog in the night-time s. 37-39, glosor s. 146

V. 7 Avslutning på bokcirkeln, alla inlämningar måste vara publicerade.

Here are the descriptions of the different book circle tasks you will be given each week.

Discussion leader:
Prepare five questions based on The Six Thinking Hats. Always set the scene (summarize and say page number) before you write your question. At the group meeting, you will lead the discussion. Always address students by name and thank them when they have presented their activity. Start by always asking the summarizer to summarize today’s reading. Next it is your turn to ask your questions to the group. 

Prepare a short summary of today’s reading. Your group discussion will start with your summary that covers the key events and highlights of today’s reading assignment. 

Character tracer:
Choose a character and list some character traits that the person has shown in today’s reading. Give the page numbers and evidence from your reading which will support your choices. 

Creative connector:

Find connections between the text and the world outside. Connect the readings to your own life, things you have seen, heard or experienced. Set the scene in the book you are referring to by summarizing it briefly. Then tell the others what this reminds you of. Finally, point out similarities and differences. 

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